Shop Without Worry at Direct Vapor!

Direct Vapor is an online retailer and wholesaler that launched in mid-2015 when the vape marketplace started experiencing a shift. Vaping had started moving away from mom and pop shops and towards e-commerce, mirroring shifts we’ve already experienced as people have moved away from department stores to websites like Amazon. This transition often leads to consumers becoming a lot more savvy and price sensitive – a need that Direct Vapor noticed and addressed.

As emblazoned on their website, Direct Vapor promises “Huge Selection, Low Prices”. Browsing through their website you can confirm that their selection is indeed vast and seemingly limitless, but can you confirm that their prices are indeed the lowest? Turns out you can! Direct Vapor has a unique price-match guarantee. If you’re shopping around and see the same product on another website that’s an authorized distributor, all you have to do is call in, let them know, and they’ll match the price or refund the difference if you’ve already paid for it. It’s a really easy way to guarantee you’re always getting the best deal.

In addition, they’re constantly giving you deals – seasonal sales for big holidays, clearance items, and every week they have a “Deal of the Week” which features items at a discounted rate anywhere from 15-20%. Since they constantly change, it’s something to look forward to as you get the chance to snag a multitude of things from popular starter kits to batteries to that tank you had your eye on.

Often as vapers something we worry about is the authenticity of our products amidst all the clones floating around. We want to make sure that we’re actually getting what we’re paying for. Direct Vapor is a “No Clone Zone”. They only buy authentic products and they prove this by providing certificates on their website verifying them as an authorized distributor for all major factories that they work with. This means you can breathe easy and purchase anything on their site without worrying that the device you receive seems just a little off from all the pictures that you’ve seen. However, if you don’t end up liking it anyway or there is something wrong with it, they offer 60-Day warranties with free two-way shipping.

With so many products in the vaping industry these days, we had to wonder how does an online retailer decide what to keep in stock? Direct Vapor has a dedicated buying team that works full-time to ensure that they’re not only getting the best product at the best prices from factories, but that they’re assessing the demand in the market and buying what customers are asking for. However, every once in awhile Direct Vapor does get exclusive rights to early release a hot product that no one else has so keep your eyes peeled at!