Syntheticloud’s new tank is nothing to FLUX with.

The Southern California vaping company, Syntheticloud, is at it again! As mentioned in an earlier insider article, Syntheticloud isn’t known to have an extensive line of products but it’s starting to look like they’re beginning to expand their catalog. Following the well-received Alpine RDTA, Syntheticloud has managed to create another new tank that will surely be turning heads.

Syntheticloud’s most recent release, the Alpine RDTA, really pushed the limits by creating one of the most innovative and functional tanks on the market. The beautiful aesthetic of the Alpine paired with the easy to use center fill design has allowed Syntheticloud to, once again, hold its place in the industry after their debatable reverse threading debacle. Respected reviewers within the industry, including arguably the most respected reviewer, GrimmGreen, went as far as proclaiming that the Alpine RDTA is the best RDTA of all time. Such acclamation plays a big part in how the public perceives Syntheticloud’s brand, but also introduces a potential downside. Will the Flux Tank live up to the hype surrounding the Alpine RDTA?

Syntheticloud stainless steel flux tank on a duvo mech modIn order to make an educated assessment of the new product, we must first carefully examine Syntheticloud’s history and determine how the Flux Tank fits into the company’s ethos. Syntheticloud’s first release, the Aeolus RDA, was introduced during a time where most rebuildable atomizers were selling at prices upwards of $100 and mostly utilized the side airflow design popularized by the Tobh Atty. The Aeolus, however, used a never-before-seen top down airflow system that delivered phenomenal flavor at a time where most avid vapers identified as cloud chasers.

Fast forward 6 months. Syntheticloud releases their highly anticipated successor to the Aeolus, the Aeolus 2-Pro, which introduced yet another never-been-done feature: the reverse-threaded deck. This game-changing idea did not end up receiving the same level of praise as the previous and proved to be extremely polarizing in the eyes of the industry. Few vapers embraced it and swore by the new concept, while many despised it and considered it to be a step back from the revolutionary Aeolus, as ease-of-use and ergonomics were seemingly ignored.

Like most other companies, Syntheticloud has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. But judging from every single one of their releases within their 3 year history, we can be confidently expect–at the very least–to experience something new.

The Flux Tank is a essentially a revamp of a classic design. The tank’s features, such as a top-fill system, velocity-style deck, and 24mm diameter, are up to date with current industry expectations. Looking to separate themselves from the pack, Syntheticloud focused on developing a sleek and classy design. You won’t find any obtrusive logos or excessive knurling on the Flux. In fact, you won’t find much of anything as far as aesthetics are concerned. Even the airflow control has been concealed, maintaining the overall minimalist look.

Upon inspection of the tank, you’ll find that Disassembled flux tank with removable rebuildable deckthe rebuildable deck is actually removable. We’ve been told by Syntheticloud that disposable coil heads will be available in the near future and that the user will be able to install the coil where the rebuildable deck once was. I’ll be honest… that’s a pretty neat feature.


The Vapeporn team has received a few of these bad boys and we’ll have a full review on the Flux Tank soon. You can find the Flux in our store along with the full list of specs.

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