VaporFi’s Out Fighting For Your Vape Rights. Literally.

If you haven’t seen VaporFi’s name by now, there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock. Whether it’s their online retail store, their retail locations, their franchise locations, or your favorite UFC fighters wearing shirts adorned with their name and logo, VaporFi has been everywhere. They’ve even ventured Down Under and opened stores in Australia with more to follow in the UK. Having had early beginnings as a small kiosk, VaporFi’s immense expansion has been moving forward at immeasurable speed. Usually behind this much success, there’s an equivalent amount of passion and this is something VaporFi has in spades.

vaporfi sponsored mma fighter brian foster
Pictured here: Brian Foster

VaporFi’s active slogan is that they “Fight For Your Vape Rights” which shines a light on and explains their seemingly unusual connection to athletes such as UFC fighters. They wanted to connect to their consumers in some way that illustrated that VaporFi is also fighting alongside the common vaper on the often pain-filled journey that is obtaining our vape rights. The UFC indirectly captured that experience and ended up embodying their unbridled passion for vapers and their struggle for the right to a healthy alternative to smoking. Also this pushes vaping into the mainstream, which prevents it from being stifled and helps it on its journey to being more readily accepted. This dedication and commitment to health is even reflected on a more personal level through the training program VaporFi provides to all of its employees. They’re able to work out together as team with a personal trainer and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure their own health is taken care of. This paints a picture of a company that is tirelessly working to better its employees, its consumers, and actively participating to making vaping better globally – and frankly, this seems to be the case.

VaporFi appeals to a slightly more advanced vaper with a selection of VaporFi brand temperature control mods, RBAs, RDAs, and sub-ohm tanks among other things. Yet their flagship products are their DIY e-liquids and starter kits. This unique experience that they’ve been able to provide their customers with, the ability to let them create what they want to create and allow total and complete personalization, has cemented VaporFi’s popularity. For one, it’s not overwhelming. Generalvaporfi build your own custom vaporizer modly, with a lot of options comes a lot of anxiety. Instead, the DIY portal is crisp and clean. Clicking through the different colors, devices, or flavors you want is as easy as ordering the toppings for your pizza. You’re even able to create a sampler pack for e-liquid so you can try your half-baked creations at a sample size in case your mixing skills turn out not to be the best. VaporFi’s unending message is that this is about you and your vaping experience. Whether it be through their extensive FAQs helping the average vaper catch up on their know-how, their warranty, return policy, or their fight for your vape rights, VaporFi drives that point home.

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