How Low Can You Go? Goon LP Review

The Goon LP is 528 Custom’s newest atomizer, showcasing a Lower Profile than the original Goon RDA. It is available in 3 colors: stainless, matte gold, and matte black.

The Goon LP package includes the atomizer itself in finish of your choice, an Ultem top cap, extra screws, and a bottom feed pin for you squonkers out there. The atomizer itself is beautifully designed, holding quite true to the original Goon’s design. The LP has a new deck construction, a new airflow system, and a new top cap.

If you happened to follow the teasers for the Goon LP, you will know the deck was not shown for quite some time, leaving an air of mystery. The deck is similar to the original Goon utilizing gold plating and their clamp design, but it has been changed in a manner that people are still skeptical about. Instead of 2 simple vertical clamps, they designated 4 individual clamps going horizontally to hold down your wire. This deck just occupies more space than the original, which helps to condense the vapor and bring more flavor into the picture. Building on this deck is complicated, yet simple. You can throw in the majority of builds, but it is still limited by space. Unlike the Goon, the LP is focused on flavor rather than the build. A standard microcoil or a smaller clapton will be what you want to throw in here. Before I opt to move onto the next topic, I will say the most frustrating aspect of this RDA is having to fold over my coils once they’ve been clamped down. If you clip your leads too short you will not have enough to fold over the clamps and will be forced to start from scratch, which can really be a hassle.

Thankfully the Goon LP was given options. Build options, a squonk option, and airflow options. The inclusion of a bottom feed pin is a great addition to the atomizer. Squonking has had a small comeback recently, and knowing that this atomizer has the capability makes me happy. It works well, and is simple enough to swap out with a couple turns of a flat head screwdriver.

When it comes to airflow, 528 Customs opted for air slots rather than holes, which I really like. It allows the air to come in very smooth, and hit the coils perfectly letting the reduced chamber to really bring flavor to the next level. Slotted airflow is slowly becoming the norm, and I think the Goon LP made a great decision to utilize it.

Topping off this atomizer is well…the top cap. Personally, I think 528 did a superb job with its production. The top cap is definitely one of the highlights for me. It has 2 pieces, one is essentially your barrel and the other piece is airflow control. The inside is dome shaped and almost seamlessly integrates itself into the drip tip allowing the vapor to smoothly transition from air slot to the mouthpiece. The drip tip matches the airflow properly, and fits the look of the atomizer. Even though the atomizer looks proper, I still think the drip tip takes away from the low profile feel. The drip tip just seems too big once you bring it to your lips. It feels like you’re getting ready to blow a big cloud, when you’re actually going for flavor. So it makes me confused as I vape on this atomizer.

The Goon LP was a mystery for a long time, and it’s a mystery no more. 528’s latest product is an attempt at a flavor atomizer, and in that respect they did a great job. Overall, the design is well made and has a clean look to it. However, I feel certain aspects are just weird. The clamp design, while cool and innovative, takes up more space than it might appear to. If you aren’t a builder, this deck has a decent learning curve to it. Although the airflow feels perfect it contrasts with the large drip tip which takes away from the low pro feel. At the end of the day I am torn about this atomizer. The aesthetics and flavor that the Goon LP has are indeed phenomenal, but the build deck and drip tip make me think twice about how I truly feel about it. If you are pretty good at building, enjoy a challenge, or don’t care about the size of the drip tip, this will be a great atomizer for you. If you aren’t inclined to build on a deck this unique, I’d think about it a little more before making the investment.


+Beautiful Look

+Solid Construction

+Smooth airflow

+BF ready

+Great Flavor


-Relatively Challenging Build Deck

-Small Deck Space

-Oddly Large Drip Tip

Featured image and all other images found via IG: @528_custom