Royal Hunter X Review

Council of Vapor (C.O.V.) has been manufacturing quality vape products for years, and their newest masterpiece is the Royal Hunter X. When I heard they made a new RDA, I was pretty excited and had to get my hands on one. The Royal Hunter line by C.O.V. has always been reliable. Consistently easy to build, and the airflow always has the perfect draw for the concept they’re going for. Lets take a look into what makes the Royal Hunter line so great, and what is so special about their newest RDA.

Collectively, the Royal Hunter X package includes: the RDA (available in SS, black, and various other colors), extra o-rings and screws, and even an extra clamp for your deck. Through the packaging, the Royal Hunter X appears to be simple and clean. As I cracked it open, I realized how solid this atomizer truly is. The stainless steel used is thick, and has a strong feel to it. ‘X’ shaped engravings cover the entire barrel, giving gripped knurling everywhere you need it. The top cap is a separate piece that includes the airflow control as well as a nice wide bore drip tip.

For the purpose of this review, we’ll start from the bottom up. The Royal Hunter X utilizes a silver plated positive pin for superior conductivity. Moving through the pin, we find ourselves at C.O.V.’s unique build deck. This deck features post holes, as well as post clamps. At first, I was quite hesitant about this design. The post holes are quite a distance from each other, and the posts have this strange wave shape to them. After some fiddling I realized the distance of the post holes can be superseded by the post clamps, and that the post’s wave shape doesn’t actually affect anything. Once I threw a build in this atomizer, I began to see it’s true colors. By having both post holes and a clamp system you have the ability to choose what suits your building preferences. If you can’t see yourself using the clamp system, simply use the post hole design we’re all accustomed to. However, if you are feeling creative the combination of clamps and post holes allow for more build options that the post holes alone do not. The screws are long enough to house wire under both the clamp and post hole at the same time, and the deck has more than enough space to accommodate even the craziest of builds.

We all know that powerful builds most often require powerful airflow. Although this RDA is labeled as a cloud chasing atomizer, it does not have the massive swooshy airflow cloud chasers have grown to expect. Most people would say that the Royal Hunter X’s airflow is too small, and even a bit restrictive for being labeled a cloud chasing RDA. Most people think that the more airflow an RDA has the more vapor it will produce, this is not always the truth. In this instance, a smooth and slightly restricted airflow is actually perfect for cloud chasing with this atomizer. Since the airflow is a tad restricted, it actually creates good flavor when cloud chasing while it is usually one or the other. The airflow is adjustable, and offers options for both single and dual coil configurations.┬áDialing in your perfect airflow is as simple as a twist of the cap, ranging from a cloud chasing lung hit to a flavorful mouth draw.

Simply put, the Royal Hunter X is unique and follows suit with the reliability of its predecessors. While it may not boast a revolutionary design, it does it’s job very well. Its unique deck gives the user a wide variety of build options, and allows you to determine how complex you want your build to be.┬áThe airflow is on point, and is exactly what I look for in a cloud chasing RDA. If you’re looking for a new atomizer that preserves a classy appearance while maintaining the ability to chuck clouds, the Royal Hunter X may be that X factor you’ve been searching for.


+Classy yet unique aesthetics

+Perfect airflow for any use

+Build deck versatility

+Optimal conductivity

+Sturdy and reliable


-Distance between post holes

-Specialized drip tip

-Flavor intensity