Smoktech TFV12 Cloud Beast King

Smoktech recently released their latest tank, the TFV12, Cloud Beast King. Pulling part of its name from its recent predecessor, the Cloud Beast, this tank claims itself the “King.” But what makes this tank the King?


First off, this tank measures at 28mm at it’s widest point, and measures up 70mm tall. Being one of, if not, the largest tanks in vaping production ever. It’s made of tough stainless steel, with a glass tank that can hold up to 6ml of your favorite e-liquid. The tank is also packaged with the usual: an extra glass, some coils to get you started, extra o-rings, and a drip tip adapter. If this tank’s size doesn’t make it king, the coils just might.

Just like the TFV8 Cloud Beast, the TFV12 still holds to Smoktech’s engine theme upon it’s design–a weird cross between rugged and classy. There is deep knurling that bring form and function to any part of the tank that requires a good grip. The tank still has the same rotary fill design they’ve used since the TFV4 and it works great. Oddly enough, the TFV12 still holds 6mls of juice despite the obvious upgrade in size. Smoktech also claims that the air slots are 30% bigger from the TFV8, which I will easily believe. There is so much airflow and the draw doesn’t feel much different between having it fully open versus open only halfway. With that said, you can dial in exactly the airflow you want, depending on your needs. If this hasn’t convinced you that the TFV12 is the King, the coils might just change that.


The Cloud Beast King comes with 3 different coils, the V12-T12, the V12-X4, and the V12-Q4. The T12 features a specially built 12 coil design, while the X4 and Q4 both feature their own unique quad coil designs. According to Smoktech, the T12 is all about the clouds, whereas the Q4 brings about a smooth taste. The X4 features a mixture of the two, bringing both flavor and clouds into one piece.

Upon looking at each coil and Smok’s wattage recommendations, I decided to just go balls to the wall with the new 12 coil, T12. I don’t vape much higher than 60 watts normally, but with this “Beast King” in hand I knew I had to shoot for the stars and max out my RX200. At 200 watts, the T12 coil handles the heat with no problem. The 12 coils are all being utilized well and the cotton soaks up juice perfectly, leaving no room for dry hits. The flavor is still pretty good, but it seems to get a little muted as there is just an overwhelming amount of heat and vapor that end up clouding my tastebuds. I can say confidently, that if you want to make a great cloud video or practice your tricks, rocking this coil with wattage at these levels will definitely suit your needs.

I give a lot of credit to Smoktech and their descriptions on the 2 other coils included with the tank. Wanting to save on some battery life, I had to try the other coils since they have much lower wattage recommendations while also being described as having better flavor. Between the Q4 and the X4, I’ve been using the X4 mostly. I’m happy to say it really does bring about more flavor than the T12. I think a mixture of fewer coils, and more power going through each coil really allows the juice to be vaporized effectively. Smoktech advertises that its Q4 coil creates a smooth flavor and with the Q4’s utilization of a simpler coil and airflow design, it really does bring about a smooth flavor. The flavor is clean and allows certain aspects of your juice to shine.


Overall, the construction of this tank is quite sturdy. However, Smoktech’s claim of the glass being “explosion-proof” is a little bit of a stretch as I somehow managed to crack one of the glass pieces through my own routine cleaning methods. If this didn’t come with an extra glass in the box, I might have a bigger problem on my hands. I’m also going to assume that they will sell extra glass, as I know people will need them sooner or later.

The coils that the tank uses are hands down amazing. They run at amazingly high wattages, they wick juice very effectively, and (depending on your vaping habits) might not use up as much juice as you might think they do. Despite how well these coils work, they still have that same problem of tasting weird when you first use them. But once you’ve gotten past that taste, these coils work great.

The Smoktech TFV12 Cloud Beast King is appropriately named with its new 12 coil design, massive airflow, and massive size. It can produce thick milky clouds for fun, but still has enough options to give pretty good flavor despite. If you enjoy having the biggest and most powerful tanks of late, I urge you to pick one up. The tank won’t disappoint.