Syntheticloud’s Alpine RDTA

We recently received the first exclusive look at Syntheticloud’s latest game-changer, the Alpine RDTA, and had the chance to discuss the inspiration behind their innovative center-fill design. Now having had the time to properly use it, we have our full review and can say with confidence – this is a must-try!

Previously known for atomizers that deliver exceptional flavor, Syntheticloud took a stab at the RDTA scene which is already filled with products such as the Avocado, VGod Trick Tank Pro, and the Limitless Gold. However, among these popular mainstays, the Alpine managed to push the boundaries and catch our eye.

Easily spotted of course, are the 24K gold-plated internals pitted against a brushed stainless steel exterior for a two-tone contrast that’s beautifully complementary. It’s also available in black or gold. Adding to the contrasting colors, the Alpine features vibrant blue heat-treated titanium Phillips head screws and a black delrin drip tip.

Upon viewing the deck more closely, you’ll notice there’s no fill-hole on the side like most competitors offer. Instead Syntheticloud’s ingenious designers placed the fill-hole between the positive and negative posts disguised as the center post. Thus the deck is actually a simple 2-post deck with massive holes able to support even the craziest of builds. Consistent with Syntheticloud’s style we see top airflow on the top cap, but this time around we finally get to see bottom airflow as well on the build portion of the deck. Airflow is fully adjustable on both the top and bottom with a simple twist allowing you to achieve the perfect flavor. Despite the vast amount of options this atomizer has to offer, the Alpine leaves no option for a single coil setup. For me, this is a small oversight as this tank just isn’t the type to be used with a single coil.

Building on the Alpine is a breeze. The two post holes have so much space even I, a self-proclaimed build master, don’t know what to do with it all. I’ve put in various builds ranging from standard 22ga builds to 3x26ga cored Aliens and it holds everything perfectly fine. The post holes feature flattened-out bottoms eliminating the risk of clipping your leads inside the posts. In addition, the wick holes are also nice and large so you don’t have to worry about your cotton getting choked in the wick holes unless your build is using a diameter larger than 3mm(1/8”).

If building and wicking the Alpine was easy, filling the Alpine is effortless. After wetting your wicks and coils a little, you can take your juice and just start filling down that unique fill-hole in the center post. This also eliminates the need to take off your barrel and simply taking off your top cap will suffice. Typically when I fill other RDTAs from the side I get juice all over the place no matter how careful I am. Syntheticloud’s innovative top-fill design allows you to fill the tank without creating a mess. Since the fill-hole is at the very top (near your coils) if any juice does accidentally spill over, your wick and coils are able to soak it all up. The tiny 3mL tank becomes an almost non-issue when taking into account how quick and painless it is to fill no matter how fast I burn through juice.

I did wonder how badly it was going to leak from that fill-hole when all was said and done. Fortunately, Syntheticloud was on the same page. If you look closely at the inside of the top cap, you’ll notice a strange design featuring a tiny o-ring hanging on a little post in the middle. That was in fact specially designed to seal the center post and combat any leakage from the fill-hole during use of the RDTA. With the fill-hole closed, juice isn’t wasted and any excess juice you might accumulate is held by the recessed deck. From normal use, I haven’t had any major spills of juice from the tank compared to others I have used. The Alpine proves itself to be leak-proof, a feature that Syntheticloud has highly focused on in the past with its RDAs.

Taking into account the proprietary filling method, the Alpine looks like it would be a little challenging to clean at the end of the day or when you wanted to switch out flavors. However, you can take off the bottom plate that holds the glass simply by unscrewing it from the 510 connection. This allows you to rinse out the fill-hole and glass without destroying your build.

Overall, I think the tank is amazing – easy to build, easy to fill, easy to clean. Beautiful to boot. To quote GrimmGreen “I don’t what else to say about it. It’s been awesome. It’s been one of, if not, possibly my new favorite RDTA of all time.” I’ve definitely started using it more than my Avocado 24 which has a sort of weird deck placement and my VGod Trick Tank Pro which has no adjustable airflow. It might have a relatively small tank, but it’s not a huge deal personally as I normally use RDAs and keep a bottle of juice with me wherever I go anyways. No single coil option might seem like a poor decision by Syntheticloud, but I will say otherwise. The tank offers exactly what it claims to and does so at a decent price point. I highly recommend this tank to anybody who enjoys RDTA style atomizers and to anybody who doesn’t – this tank might just change your mind.

Check out GrimmGreen’s review below!