How to Save Money with Vaping

For some people vaping is a means to get off cigarettes. For others, vaping is a hobby. On the hobby side of things, vaping can become relatively expensive with new products constantly being released and new juices hitting the shelves almost every week. Try out a few of these money saving tips to keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet.

Coils are the true workhorse for our atomizers and vaporizers to truly work. Without them we are just soaking up e-liquid into cotton, and holding batteries in either metal tubes or plastic boxes.

When your coils burn out, you can replace them by purchasing pre-built coils or rebuilding them on your own. Don’t have any wire? No problem! It’s as easy as finding a nearby fence and cutting some of it off for your own use. With that fencing you can go ahead and build yourself some new coils without having spent any money on a new coil.

Cotton feeds our coils the insatiable flavors of e-liquid in our vaporizers. Easily finding its way to being used as a wick, cotton has an unfortunately short lifespan. You can’t simply reuse your old dirty cotton, so how can you save money with this?

Simple! Don’t buy cotton anymore, go to your closet and find that old white t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore. Cut off a little piece, and you have a new wick! Keep using this shirt until you have saved up enough money to buy yourself a new shirt.

E-liquid is just as important as everything else. Literally fueling our vaporizers, e-liquid purchases can be expensive. We go through different flavors and we might not always finish our bottle of juice. What do you do when you want something new to vape?

Grab all of those “empty” bottles lying around your room. With those bottles and various flavors you can create yourself a new masterpiece. Bring out the DIYer within you and mix those leftovers. You’ll come out with more liquid and new flavors. What can go wrong?

Do you remember Build-a-Bear? That place where you go and build your own stuffed animal? Well it’s about time you got creative and brought some nostalgia to your vape game.

Go around your house and look for a broken box mod, or small box, and some old electronics. Use the old electronics for some wiring, and piece together a new box mod. It will probably be mechanical, but at least you’ll have yourself a new box mod to use!

We need more power!!!! When I say power, I mean the batteries that power our devices. Batteries work well, and we spend lots of good money on them. There’s a good chance you have lost a battery before and that’s essentially money down the drain.

Save yourself some money and simply take batteries from your friends. When they’re not looking, take one of their batteries. If they ask about it, you can always say, “I don’t know, maybe you lost it.”

**Please note, we do not endorse doing any of these things. Some may be illegal but some are definitely not safe.**

Saving money with vaping is entirely possible, all jokes aside. It might not be the easiest thing to do. But the discipline from saving money is a reward in itself.