Pod Vapes: The Future of Vaping

Amidst all of the new devices that are being flooded into the market, some micro sized devices have started to slip into the mainstream. Most of these smaller devices are pod based systems, which means it is pre-filled with liquid. These little guys are referred to as “Closed System Devices”, and have proven themselves to be some of the most useful products available. Allow me to explain how these micro sized devices have earned their market share, and how you can implement such a device into your daily vape curriculum!

Pod based systems are definitely the most popular in this category of micro sized vaping apparati. These devices usually consist of a smaller battery and an e-liquid filled “Pod” that is installed into the battery. Although I say “Install”, closed system devices are usually just plug and play!┬áThe e-liquid filled pods usually have a higher nicotine concentration to deliver that satisfying throat hit, and to make up for the difference in nicotine consumption compared to a rebuildable device. These devices usually utilize a button-less draw which will initiate the vaporization when airflow is pulled. These pod based devices use very little power and will not produce a huge cloud of vapor. For the most part, these devices are designed to offer a discrete option for nicotine consumption while you are either on the go or in your daily life. These devices charge up in a matter of minutes, and can inconspicuously be carried around in a small purse/pocket.

Why the influx on this type of device?

The motto that “Bigger is Better” isn’t always the case. Although we’ve created larger and more powerful box mods, it comes at the cost of convenience. Just to be able to vape throughout the day you need to carry around at least 1 extra set of batteries and a huge bottle of juice! One of the biggest reasons that pod systems are starting to gain popularity is that people can enjoy a truly satisfying vape without a huge device to weigh them down. But who are we to say the truth behind the rising popularity of these awesome micro devices?! Maybe consumers just want a satisfying vape without all the baggage…

The compact size of these pod style devices and the lack of needing extra batteries seems to attract many vapers who are on the go. A pod vape simply slides into one’s pocket or purse, and may only need one extra pod for the day. The satisfaction that consumers experienced from the size and simplicity of the Juul led other manufacturers to hop on the pod vape train. Although most of these pod vapes are similar in function and design, everyone who uses these styles of vapes seems to have a personal preference.

If these products are so similar, what differs one from the other?

Simply put, the biggest difference between each of these pod style devices is the liquid. Just like a regular vaporizer, everyone enjoys different flavors. Each hardware company has linked with various liquid manufactures to create flavors designated for their device. Such companies as Beard Vape Co., Five Pawns, Glas, and many more have already collaborated with closed system manufacturers to include their liquid in the pods. Another factor that differentiates the various pod vapes is the functionality. Since all of these pod vapes are designed and manufactured by separate companies, they all work slightly differently. The biggest concern that users may have when trying different pod vapes is the draw. When using these low powered devices you will most likely be using a mouth to lung/cigarette style inhale. The amount of resistance in the airflow of the device will vary between brands. If you are very specific on what style of airflow you prefer, you may need to shop around to see what works for you.

Nicotine satisfaction is one of the biggest selling points for these types of devices. Some of these devices use a groundbreaking new substance called nicotine salts. For more information on what nicotine salts are, it can be found here.

Will pods be the future?

Pod vapes are definitely trending right now and they could very well be here to stay. The convenience of these micro devices may have every vaper carrying around one of these in the near future. Additionally, certain regulations may give these types of devices the opportunity to stick around longer. For example, the UK has implemented regulations on vaporizers that limit the amount of liquid a device can hold. Since pod vapes usually hold under 1ml of liquid, they are already TPD compliant. All of these factors combined with the reliability of these devices is truly shaping the direction of this industry. A more mainstream product that is attractive to the general public is key to bridge the gap between cigarette smokers and vapers. With all of the hype going around at the moment with these types of devices, I believe it’s safe to say that they are here to stay for the long haul. Just sit back and watch the evolution of pod style vaporizers in this still rapidly evolving industry!

Featured image via: instagram.com/quickyadig