Wick & Wire Wednesday 4/19/2017

Here at Vapeporn, Wick & Wire Wednesdays are a real treat. We get to scour through Instagram and find some great shots of builds made by people within our vast vaping community. This week we focus on macro shots, and the beauty they show of one’s building prowess.

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The coloring on this mirror polished build is amazing. Manipulating colors onto coils is one thing, to make them look like tie-dye is a new level. *Slow Clap for @flavour_of_vapour

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@Squirmingcoils has got me squirmin’ in my seat. This build might be a repost from last year, but it can still hold up in today’s standards.

A Wick & Wire Wednesday wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include a drip shot of some sort. This drip shot is literally so juicy, my mouth is watering just staring at it.

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@Apprentice_coilbuilder is definitely past his apprenticeship. Building all these fancy Clapton coils is a task in itself. Apprentice takes a pre-made alien Clapton coil, and Claptons it around even more wire. The patience to make this is simply out of this world.

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Last but certainly not least, is Mr. @Tom_forde. If you haven’t noticed, macro shots really allow you to see the detail in a coil. You can see all the various colors poking out from certain wires, depending on the kind of heat they experience. Tom really shows us how different every piece of wire reacts depending where it is in a coil.